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Hundreds of Vacation Rentals & Hotels for your next Florida Vacation in Clearwater Beach. Discover hundreds of Clearwater, Florida Vacation Rentals, including Condos, Apartments, Beach Cottages, Houses & Hotel Accommodations. Many properties and house rentals are ideal for families, groups and couples that want to visit the Clearwater Beach area.

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About Clearwater Beach

Located in Pinellas County on the West Central Coast of Florida

Clearwater Beach is known as a worlds top beach destination, we offer the best prices on hundreds of vacation rental homes, condos, and resort hotels ideal for a family vacation. Search for affordable properties with cheap rates with the best prices when you book directly online.

Clearwater Beach consistently ranks high on most lists of the best beaches in the world. The year round balmy tropical climate and the warm Gulf of Mexico waters attract millions of visitors each year to the Florida Sun Coast.

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We offer a wide selection of Hotels, Motels, Homes, Cottages and Beach Condo Rentals around the Clearwater Beach area for your family within walking distance to the beach, ocean view beach house vacation rentals by owner and family resorts, including long term rentals for the Clearwater Beach, Florida area many close to Pier 60 and the Aquarium when visiting Winter The Dolphin.

Named as one of the top beaches in 2016 and still is a great place to visit.

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