Fish Bay Vacation Rentals, Condos & Resort Rental Accomodations

Fish Bay Vacation Rentals, Condos and Short Term Rental Accommodations

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Calypso Cove 0
Vacation Home Rentals - Fish Bay
3 Bedroom(s) 2.0 Bath  Sleeps: 6
Starting at: $2,500.00/Wk
Nestled by the water's edge, this delightful 3-bedroom, 2-bath home sits less than thirty feet from the sea - the sights and sounds of the ocean can be enjoyed from almost every room in the home. Calypso Cove is a whimsical home, artfully decorated <... read more »
Soft Winds 0
Vacation Home Rentals - Fish Bay
4 Bedroom(s) 3.0 Bath  Sleeps: 8
Starting at: $1,750.00/Wk
Soft Winds sits on the top of a hill, on the point between Fish Bay and Reef Bay. The panoramic views extend in all directions from Rams Head on the far eastern tip of St. John, south to St. Croix, west to St. Thomas and north to the lush green ... read more »
Darcini 0
Villa Rentals - Fish Bay
5 Bedroom(s) 5.0 Bath  Sleeps: 10
Starting at: $5,150.00/Wk
For your next vacation, what are you looking for? This beautiful gated estate is a rare gem, rich in architectural detail. Come home to 5 spacious bedrooms and luxurious bathroom suites. Two bedrooms under one roof in main house accommodate family si... read more »
Sea Turtle 0
Villa Rentals - Fish Bay
2 Bedroom(s) 3.0 Bath  Sleeps: 2-4
Starting at: $315.00/Day
Stunning views from this exclusive St. John rental villa will make any day, a perfect day. From the minute you walk in the front door of this delightful home, you will be captivated by it's charm, breezy open-air feeling and the stunning views. <... read more »
Cactus Flower Cottage 0
Cottage Rentals - Fish Bay
1 Bedroom(s) 1.0 Bath  Sleeps: 2
Starting at: $1,225.00/Wk
Cactus Flower Cottage is a delightful St. John USVI rental home situated in quiet Fish Bay, on St. John's south side. The house, which faces south, sits In the valley within sight of serene Fish Bay. Sit on the deck in the morning and listen<... read more »

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