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Hawaii Beaches

Ke'e Beach
Haena HI

Located literally at the end of the road, Ke'e Beach is probably the most visited beach on Kauai. The Kalalau Trail leading along the Na Pali Coast begins at the western end of the beach. Ke'e's inviting lagoon is teaming with fish and perfect for snorkeling.

Hamoa Beach
Hana HI

Hamoa Beach, located just outside of Hana, is a beautiful public beach that shares some facilities with the Hotel Hana Maui. Sea cliffs surround the bay and the tropical vegetation. This beach has been voted one of Hawaii's favorite beaches.

Honokalani Black Sand Beach
Hana HI

Honokalani Black Sand Beach is located in the Wainapanapa State Park. This large beach is set among lava cliffs and a small sea arch, sea caves, and seaside lava tubes are located in the beach area. The black sand is actually small, smooth, lava pebbles.

Hanalei Bay
Hanalei HI

The entire Hanalei Bay is ringed with a white sand beach. The surrounding mountains embrace this bay and, in the early morning when the ocean is like glass, it mirrors the beauty of the cliffs. The surfing in this area is excellent and many locals visit the area. The Hanalei Pier is located on the east side where the Hanalei River enters the ocean.

Tunnels Beach
Hanalei HI

Tunnels Beach is the superb snorkeling spot on the North Shore. The center portion has a huge half-moon shaped reef just 1/8 mile offshore where snorkeling is the best. Deep water caverns are located close to shore making it a great dive site, too.

Ala Moana Beach
Honolulu HI

One of the best all around family parks on Oahu is Ala Moana, which is Hawaiian for the Path to the Sea, a beach and general recreation area of more than one hundred acres.

Waikiki Beach
Honolulu HI

Although Waikiki Beach is frequently crowded, it is a very nice area to swim, canoe, surf and snorkel. The beaches towards Diamond Head are near the picnic and recreational facilities, including those of Kapiolani Park.

Ka Lae
Green Sands Beach
Ka Lae HI

Green Sands Beach is an unusual feature of the Big Island, however it is in a remote location. It is made from lava rock rich in the mineral olivine, giving the sand an uncommon green color.

Ka’anapali Beach
Kaanapali HI

Ka’anapali Beach is one of the best beaches on Maui, stretching along most of the Ka'anapali resorts. There is a path that runs along the entire beach from Black Rock to the Hyatt Hotel. Black Rock is a popular area that divides the beach in half and is renowned for terrific snorkeling.

Kailua Kona
Kahaluu Beach Park
Alii Drive
Kailua Kona HI

Kahaluu Beach Park is famous for its snorkeling. This small beach is a colorful experience, the sand is a salt-and-pepper mix, the water is exceptionally clear, and the rainbow-hued reef fish ride the currents in chorus lines of vivid color.

Pauoa Beach
Kamuela HI

Pauoa Beach is rated as the best beach for swimming. Pauoa Beach is infused by natural freshwater springs beneath the ocean’s surface. White sands stretch wide along the shore and rocky arms protect the lagoon and maintain calm, placid waters.

Kalapaki Beach
Lihue HI

Kalapaki Beach is a crescent-shaped sand beach that opens out to Nawilwili Bay, the Harbor and the Hoary Head Mountains. The sand gently slopes and the bay is partially protected, making the beach very popular with locals and tourists.

Punalu'u Black Sand Beach
Na'alehu HI

Punalu'u Black Sand Beach has black sand created by lava flowing into the ocean which explodes as it reaches the ocean and cools. Punalu?u is frequented by endangered Hawksbill Turtles and Green Sea Turtles, which can often be seen basking on the black sand. Visitors must remain 15 feet from the turtles at all times.

Ho’okipa Beach
Paia HI

Ho’okipa Beach is known as possibly the best place in the world for windsurfing, with two major world-class competitions held here. Due to the strong surf, windsurfing at this beach should be limited to the experts. However, the beach has a coral reef that makes a pond-like area perfect swimming in the early morning or when the ocean in calmer.

Po'ipu Beach
Po'ipu HI

Po'ipu is the major beach on the South Shore. Swimming here is almost always safe especially on the left side of the beach. A small strip of sand divides this section of the beach from the rest.

Kalihiwai Beach
Princeville HI

Kalihiwai Beach is a great sandy beach on Kalihiwai Bay. During the summer months, the ocean is usually calm and swimming is good here, even for the kids. During the winter the waves make this spot popular with surfers. Shady ironwood trees make this beach comfortable for picnicking and relaxing.

Ehukai Beach Park
Pupukea HI

When you think of Ehukai Beach Park, the Banzai Pipeline comes to mind When it's active, the surf, besides being the most spectacular in the world, can also be the most dangerous. During calmer periods, usually during the Spring and Summer, swimming is good.

Sunset Beach
Sunset Beach Park
59-104 Kamehameha Highway
Sunset Beach HI

Sunset Beach Park is one of the better surfing sites in the world. During the winter fifteen to twenty foot waves are not uncommon, and even in summer there are large swells. When becalmed the ocean is great for swimming and snorkeling.

Hapuna Beach State Recreation Area
Waikoloa HI

Hapuna Beach State Recreation Area is where local families drive for hours to spend a day at the beach. They come to an oasis of pure white sand beside a teal sea, with shore breaks for body boarders, fish for anglers, and in the summer, calm water for swimmers.

Makena Beach
Wailea HI

Big Beach, officially named Makena Beach, a lovely sandy beach over 100 yards wide. Often crowded on weekends, there is a second, smaller, section of the beach connected by a path referred to as "Little Beach". The division between Big Beach and Little Beach was caused by a lava flow and earthquake in 1790.

KeWa`ena Beach
Waimea HI

KeWa`ena Beach is relatively undeveloped. Be careful in the Fall and Winter when the surf can be large and treacherous. This is a nice beach for swimming and snorkeling when it's calm.

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