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Vacation Rentals & Luxury Villas for your St. Thomas USVII Island Getaway

St. Thomas is home to the US Virgin Islands capital, Charlotte Amalie. While staying on St. Thomas you will find that there are more than 40 beaches to choose from. Among the 32 miles that make up the Island of St. Thomas there are multiple beaches and activities that you will want to explore. St. Thomas is largely mountainous. Amongst the hills and beaches of St. Thomas you will find an assortment of accommodations; private homes, resorts and villas for rent. Ideal for couples, friends traveling together, a family vacation, or destination weddings these locations offer space, seclusion, and easy access to all of what St. Thomas has to offer.

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Things to Do in St. Thomas US Virgin Islands

Sight Seeing and Shopping Activities

Coral World Ocean Park, located adjacent to Corki Beach, has been one of St. Thomas’s greatest attractions to visitors and residents. Park goers can swim with sea lions, Sea Trek along the ocean floor, encounter turtles, sharks and stingrays, feed the lorikeets, snuba and more. Other highlights include the Undersea Observatory Tower built 30 feet underwater and the Marine Gardens gallery of 21 aquariums.

Charlotte Amalie, is the capital city of the US Virgin Islands. Here you will find, historic buildings such as; Fort Christian, Blackbeard’s Castle, 99 steps stairway, Market Square, Seven Arches Museum, St. Thomas Synagogue, the Frederick Lutheran Church and the Weibel Museum are all found throughout the downtown area. Because the city has a duty free policy it is sometimes called the “duty-free capital of the world�. The capital city is also well known for its outdoor shopping bazaars.

Golf Courses and Golfing in St. Thomas USVI

Mahogany Run Golf Course, designed by world-renowned architects George and Tom Fazio opened in 1980, the 6000 yard, and Par 70 golf course attracts thousands of visitors each year – golfers and non-golfers, celebrities, and Presidents alike. Carved from Blue-Bit stone, the course is nestled between the scenic hills and breathtaking shoreline of St. Thomas’ scenic North side and showcases the local charm and outright beauty of the island. The course includes the world famous Devil’s Triangle, a three hole stretch sure to challenge the best of players. While at the course, make time to visit Mahogany Run’s “Golf World Top 100� Golf Shop and Boutique!

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in St. Thomas

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving is a must! Start by warming up your snorkels in the beach side pools and then venture into the open ocean. St. Thomas is a divers dream. With some of the most abundant sea life in the United States. There are more than 500 different varieties of fish, 40 types of corals and hundreds of lavish marine life inhabiting the waters. You can find a snorkeling or scuba diving tour located at most beaches.

St. Thomas Vacation Rentals Browse St. Thomas Hotels

Find a Luxury Vacation Rental Villas near the Best St. Thomas Beaches

Corki Beach, adjacent to the popular Coral World Ocean Park, with beautiful white sand and crystal clear water offers lavish snorkeling and diving. Beachside eateries serve picnic style fare including burgers, tacos, and local dishes.

Brewers Bay located near the University of the Virgin Islands campus, is great for weekend family picnics and gatherings. Visitors can sunbath on the wide shoreline or relax in the shallow waters.

Hull Bay suggests some of the best surfing on St. Thomas. Located on the north side, west of Magens Bay.

Lindquist Beach is one of the most pristine beaches on St. Thomas Island, it is situated on the east end of the Island. The left side of Lindquist beach is perfect for snorkeling.

Magens Bay is one of the most popular beaches on the Island. This beautiful one-mile stretch is a public park, it offers beach chair and float rentals, a snack bar and crystal calm waters.

Lindbergh Bay, named after the aviator who landed nearby in 1928, is known for its tranquility and sea grapes that line the bay. Here you can catch many kayaking tours and off shore fishing charters.

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